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  • Luigi's Freedom Ride

    Good Reading Guide Review Moving biographical fiction that uses cycling as a metaphor for life; hope and endurance in war, lives rebuilt from disaster, courage and perseverance of the innocent. Lying somewhere between domestic fiction and family saga, biographical fiction is a delicate artform for an author.

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  • The Maze Runner #1 (Maze Runner)

    Good Reading Guide Review Exciting, action-filled dystopian adventure; many instances of self-sacrifice and bravery; stylistic shortcomings that become tedious; tolerable complications develop in further books. This is an exciting, action-filled dystopian adventure about a group of teenage boys who must find a way out of the Maze and earn their freedom. This motley group of young, inexperienced kids must fight the evil 'creators' who have put them into the Maze in the first place.

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  • The Book of Secrets #2 (Mister Max)

    Good Reading Guide Review Complex, interesting characters and deep relationships; intertwining plots with age-appropriate intrigue; a captivating descriptive style. Other Ratings & Reviews MercatorNet: Master of disguisesReviewed by Jennifer Minicus

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  • Amanda Project: Invisible I (The Amanda Project)

    Good Reading Guide Review Light and yet worthwhile contemporary mystery for teens; works through Mean Girls themes of popular vs bullied, romance for appearance's sake vs holistic interest in someone else, superficial vs genuine friendship, and healthy vs unhealthy family relationships; collaborative fiction so the direction of the whole series remains to be seen. Easy to swallow and yet surprisingly substantial contemporary fiction for teens, the first book of The Amanda Project is mean girls with a dash of mystery.

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  • Unbroken

    Good Reading Guide Review One man's traumatic war time experiences becomes a remarkable story of hope and forgiveness; confronting material in the physical hardships of being lost at sea and the horrific tortures of POW camp; significant profanity, crudity and less than edifying description, to be expected in the context. This is the story of Louis Zamperini.

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