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  • The Iron Trial #1 (Magisterium)

    Engaging, imaginative and fast moving fantasy adventure; interesting and likeable characters who grow and develop; great themes of friendship, understanding rather than judging, doing without technology and learning how to work hard; the generally light atmosphere is nothing like the darkness which the cover and book trailer imply; a major twist disrupts the apparent good/bad divide but the main character's clean track record leaves us hopeful for his future.

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  • Neverhome

    A tragic but not disheartening story of the American Civil War, told in spellbinding prose; showcases a rich and memorable history encompassing the beauty of the American northeast, the brutality of the fighting, and a variety of interesting characters; a significant but possibly forgivable weakness in the story comes near the end. Inspired by historical letters from women who fought in the American Civil War, Neverhome is the story of Constance Thompson, who assumes the identity of a man in order to join the Union Army.

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  • The Candy Shop War

    An imaginative and original story that weaves light fantasy into a contemporary adventure;  well drawn and distinct characters face challenges that help them grow and learn from mistakes;  the momentum doesn't wane from the first page through to the end;  an excellent example of good fantasy which gives visual form to important moral struggles.

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