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  • Unbroken

    Good Reading Guide Review One man's traumatic war time experiences becomes a remarkable story of hope and forgiveness; confronting material in the physical hardships of being lost at sea and the horrific tortures of POW camp; significant profanity, crudity and less than edifying description, to be expected in the context. This is the story of Louis Zamperini.

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  • Tesla's Attic #1 (Accelerati Trilogy)

    Good Reading Guide Review Hilarious, intelligent, adventurous, and makes you think... what more could young readers want? How could I have let a book by one of my favourite children's authors wait so long?! I admit, the title did not whet my appetite, in spite of the intriguing mad scientist after whom it is named. Nor did the cover illustration even remotely pique my interest. Such a shame.

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  • As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust #7 (Flavia de Luce)

    Good Reading Guide Review Unputdownable character-driven crime fiction; Nancy Drew meets Jane Eyre; the sooner a young reader starts on this series, the better; a rewarding read for adults, too. A scintillating work of character-driven crime fiction, As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust sends the precocious (and now twelve-year-old) Flavia de Luce to an exclusive Toronto girls’ boarding school, “banished” from England for her indiscreet antics in The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches.

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  • Smile #1 (Smile)

    Good Reading Guide Review Coming of age graphic novel with wise insights on pre-teen concerns; an abundance of dental mishaps which challenge the protagonist to base her self-esteem on something more than appearance. Wow, for a graphic novel, Smile offers a very true-to-life impression of the experience of students in grades 7-8: the hopes and concerns, friendships and young love, and most importantly how one can grow through it all.

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  • When the Whistle Blows

    Good Reading Guide Review Moving short novel for mature young readers; perfect voice, succintly told, with unusual depth; an edifying premise revealed only toward the end. Told in a perfect voice for a nostalgic mood that entrances the reader from the outset, this impressive and moving short novel is like a collection of short stories about the same main character, each one told on the same day each year for seven years. Each chapter gives a clear picture of how the main character has developed, together with his family and friends.

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