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  • Cress #3 (Lunar Chronicles)

    Quick Review Highly entertaining and surprisingly wise third book in a fun series, perfect for a relaxing escape. Good Reading Guide Review A delightful development of an imaginative series. With a new set of primary characters each volume you might expect it to take some time to re-engage the reader's interest. And yet Cress is captivating from the first chapter. The new protagonist is a charming young girl who has been exiled from her home and must survive by her intelligence and creativity.

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  • The Fool's Assassin #1 (Fitz and The Fool Trilogy)

    Nearly twenty years ago, Robin Hobb burst upon the fantasy scene with the first of her acclaimed Farseer novels, Assassin’s Apprentice, which introduced the characters of FitzChivalry Farseer and his uncanny friend the Fool. A watershed moment in modern fantasy, this novel—and those that followed—broke exciting new ground in a beloved genre. Together with George R. R. Martin, Robin Hobb helped pave the way for such talented new voices as Scott Lynch, Brandon Sanderson, and Naomi Novik.

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  • Do nice. Be kind. Spread happy.

    Quick Review Excellent collection of activities to inspire kindness, even if only a few were to be put into practice. Good Reading Guide Review While a book on this topic could be cheesy and contrived, Russell presents this collection of random acts of kindness in a sunny and forthright manner which proudly asserts ‘why shouldn’t we enjoy being kind?’ After the UK riots of August, 2011, she resolved to be kind to a stranger every single day for a year. Inspired by this experience, she decided to write a book.

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  • Dangerous Days: the True Story of a Digger's Great Escape

    Good Reading Review A long but worthwhile account of a young man's experience in World War II, through signing up, fighting, getting captured as POW and escaping, and finally coping once he returned. It's super inspiring, in a down-to-earth Australian way; Ern is the quintessential 'amazing and yet unassuming and humble guy'. I'm very happy to have read his story. Reviewed by Clare Cannon

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  • The Tender Moments of Saffron Silk #6 (Kingdom of Silk)

    Good Reading Guide Review The quiet wisdom of these books astounds me. Each of these characters learn to be happy even when life brings real difficulties. Every story in the series features a different one of the children, so that we connect with their personal story as well as that of the whole family.

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