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  • To Love a Sunburnt Country #4 (Matilda Saga)

    Good Reading Guide Review Arduous but excellent historical fiction set in a prison camp in Malaya in WWII; does not sugar coat the experience, but presents all in context to facilitate understanding; several mature circumstances should be considered before offering it to younger readers; one finishes the story stronger, richer and deeper of understanding, a consequence of reading history told well. Perhaps the most war-focused of any of the Matilda Saga books so far, To Love a Sunburnt Country is a gripping but also gruelling ac

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  • Listening for Lions

    Good Reading Guide Review Inspiring, exciting historical fiction with loveable characters; set partly in Africa and partly in England, with descriptions that flame the desire to travel; a book so convincing that it carries its virtues over into the reader's life. Listening for Lions has to be one of the best children's novels I've read in a long time. It ticked all the boxes for me – well written, loveable characters, inspiring and exciting throughout with a very satisfying ending.

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  • The Iron Trial #1 (Magisterium)

    Good Reading Guide Review Engaging, imaginative and fast moving fantasy adventure; interesting and likeable characters who grow and develop; great themes of friendship, understanding rather than judging, doing without technology and learning how to work hard; the atmosphere is nothing like the cover or the book trailer implies; a major twist disrupts the apparent good/bad divide but the character's track record leaves us hopeful for his future. An

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  • Neverhome

    Good Reading Guide Review A tragic but not disheartening story of the American Civil War, told in spellbinding prose; showcases a rich and memorable history encompassing the beauty of the American northeast, the brutality of the fighting, and a variety of interesting characters; a significant but possibly forgivable weakness in the story comes near the end. Inspired by historical letters from women who fought in the American Civil War, Never

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